Methodologies of Mediation in Professional Learning CoverMethodologies of Mediation in Professional Learning

This book critically explores the use of nine recognized methodologies  for the mediation of professional learning in the context of teacher education: The story, the visual text, the case, the video, the simulation, the portfolio, lesson study, action research, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Drawing on  theories of mediation and professional learning, the book establishes connections between theoretical, empirical and practical-based aspects of each  of these methodologies. It consolidates a body of knowledge that offers a holistic portrayal of these methodologies in terms of their purposes (what for), processes (how), and outcomes (what), both distinctively and inclusively.

Each chapter offers four perspectives on each methodology (1) theoretical groundings of the genre (2) research-based evidence on methodologies-as-pedagogies for mediating teacher learning (3) mediation tasks for teacher education as reported in studies and (4) a synthesis of recurrent themes identified from selected books and articles, including a comprehensive list of publications organized by decades.  The last chapter presents  an integrative framework that conceptualizes connections and weak links across the different methodologies of mediation. 

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