Senior teachers’ learning about student rights

Title: Senior teachers’ learning about student rights

Author: Lotem Perry-Hazan and Liron Neuhof

Journal: Journal of Teacher Education

Affiliation of first author: Department of Leadership and Policy in Education, Faculty of Education, University of Haifa

Abstract: The study explores the rights consciousness of senior teachers who participated in a student rights professional development (PD) course and designed educational projects during the course. It analyzes teachers’ perceptions of students’ rights and the influence of the PD and other factors on these perceptions. The data included interviews with 17 teachers and an analysis of their projects. One cluster of teachers held a top-down perception of students’ rights, conveying a contrastive approach to rights reflecting students’ autonomy. The second cluster of teachers held a broader perception, which included bottom-up mobilization of students’ free speech and participation rights, conveying a supportive approach to these rights. The teachers’ projects did not reflect these patterns, limiting their focus to rights already embedded in school. Furthermore, the teachers did not report their learning experience as transformative. Rather, they applied their newly acquired knowledge and thinking frameworks to support their existing moral perceptions and practices.

Key words: identity, moral education, professional development, teacher beliefs, teacher learning

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