What-We-Know-about-Emotional-IntelligenceWhat We Know about Emotional Intelligence: How It Affects Learning, Work, Relationships and Our Mental Health

"Together with their previous two books, Zeidner, Matthews and Roberts have now given us a remarkable emotional intelligence trilogy. This very readable book is a comprehensive and critical analysis integrating EI research and theory to inform application and practice" (Donald H. Saklofske, Division of Applied Psychology, and Associated Dean (Research), Faculty of Education, University of Calgary). "Despite all its detractors, it seems emotional intelligence is here to stay. Zeidner, Roberts and Matthews have done a fantastic job of pulling together all facets of EI – the good and the bad – and presenting them in a single readable volume" (Neal Ashkanasy, University of Queensland Business School, Australia and coauthor of Managing Emotions in the Workplace)

M. Zeidner, G. Matthews, R.D. Roberts  A Bradford Book, MIT Press