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A. Courses taught in recent years






Theory and practice in special education


Mandatory course

Teachers' Dep

Mainstreaming students with special needs


Elective course

Teachers' Dep.

The vocational and social education of young adults with developmental disabilities


Research seminar


The family and the education of young children with developmental disabilities


Research seminar


Mental retardation


Elective course




Elective course


B. Supervision of Graduate students in recent years

Student's Name
Title of Thesis
Schenin Michal

Attitudes of elementary school children towards the child with developmental disabilities



Palnitzki Arik

Transition from school to work of youngAdults with mental retardation

Ph.D. 1994
Gilada Avisar

The headmaster as an agent of change in theprocess of mainstreaming (supervision with Prof. Yona Leyser, Northern Ill. Univ. U.S.A)

Ph.D. 2000
Vogel Gila

The Bar-Mitzva ceremony with students withdevelopmental disabilities

Ph.D. 2002
Almusni Yael

A quality of life based program of physical education with students with developmental disabilities

Ph.D. 2002
Talmor Rachel

Burnout among teachers and mainstreaming students with special needs

Ph.D. 2002
Carmela Igel Analysis of the process of placement in special education Ph.D. 2006
Zilberstein Adva

Teachers of students with severe and multipledisabilities, their interactions with students

submitted 2007
Shavit Pnina

The enhancement of self-determination of students with mental retardation involved in a group process based on the 'cycle of internalization'.

in preparation
Dalia Tal Individual and group instruction in special education in preparation
Anat Hacham The effect of joint activities between children with and without physical disabilities on the social competence of the children with disabilities. in preparation
Michal Shrieber Parental involvement in special education schools. in preparation
Carmit Shpigelman Socio-emotional evolvement of adolescents with special needs through "Virtual Mentoring" project. in preparation


MA Tesis      
Zivit Fishman

Educational orientation of special education teachers:Progressive versus traditional views

MA 2004
Miriam Samocha Brrnout level among teachers of students with autism MA 2004
Tally Vitany

The effect of an intervention program on the burnout Level of regular school students tutoring children with Autism

MA 2004
Pninit Greenberg

Parental attitudes towards disabled children and towards their inclusion in regular education setting: A comparison between attitudes of Israeli born parents and attitudes of parents from the former Soviet Union

MA 2004
Michal Marko-Libman

Teachers' perceptions of the contribution of the activity With animals for children with special needs

MA 2004
Daphna Ram

The development of personal vocational identity among students with mental retardation by means of a vocational training program as part of an ongiong educational process

MA 2004
Miri Ougur-Raimi

Attitudes of regular and special education preschool teachers towards including children with special needs in the regular kindergarten

MA 2004
Orly Sarig

Loneliness among blind students: comparison between students attending a special enrichment program for blind students and those who do not attend such a program

MA 2004

Ifat Shachar with distinction

Adolescents with developmental disability border line and mild mental retardation and their experiences of abuse situations in comparison to adolescents without disabilities

MA 2005
Noam Lapidot

Harassment and bullying among students with intellectual Disaabilities in special education schools: The difference between bullies and victims in terms of social adjustment and social skills

MA 2005
Tally Vitany

The effect of an intervention program on the burnout level of Regular school students tutoring children eith autism

MA 2005
Noga Bassechess

The effects of the mutli-function day-care on the decrease of Stress, increase of well-being and the improvement of family function within families in high distress.

MA 2006
Livia David Academic studies for young adults with intellectual disabilities MA 2007


































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