Organizational Citizenship Behavior in SchoolsOrganizational Citizenship Behavior in Schools

This book extends our understanding of the attitudes and behaviors of teachers who improve their schools consistently and considerably. It sets out to critically analyze and examine organizational citizenship behaviors (OCB) in schools from a contextual perspective and to display the uniqueness of the concept in the context of school, its dimensions, boundaries, antecedents and consequences from a multi-level perspective.

Chapters consider:

  • understandings of teachers' OCB, its nature, components, and salience in schools
  • personal, organizational, and cultural factors which might facilitate or inhibit teachers' OCB
  • contributions and the drawbacks of OCB for the improvement of educational systems, schools, and educators
  • a new conceptualization of teachers' OCB based on the unique characteristics of school and the teaching profession, and consequences for theory and practice
  • practical tools for guiding educational policy-makers,principals, and teacher educators on how to assimilate and enhance teachers' OCB.

Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Schools will appeal to scholars and researchers in educational administration, educational policy, school leadership and teacher education. It will also be of interest to supervisors, policy makers and postgraduate students in the field of education

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