Literacy-and-Education-Essays-in-memory-of-Dina-feitelsonLiteracy and Education: Essays in memory of Dina Feitelson

The chapters in this book were contributed by researchers in the area of literacy education and the psychology of reading. The contributions are organized in four parts: Prerequisites of literacy • Instructional strategies and the literacy curriculum • The methodological debate • Basic research. The contributers are: Marilyn J. Adams, Iris Berent, Adriana G. Bus, Robert Calfee, Jeanne S. Chall, Caroline Chun, Jeanne M. De Temple, Linnea C. Ehri, Marcia Henry, Vicki A. Jacobs, Carla Meister, Joyce M. Morris, Charles A. Perfetti, Barak Rosenshine, S. Jay Samuels, Nancy Schermer, Catherine Snow, Kieth E. Stanovich, Elizabeth, Sulzby, Richard L. Venezky and Joseph Shimron.

Joseph Shimron (Ed.)
Hampton Press, 1996.