Developing the Therapeutic Relationship book coverIn this unique book, master clinicians and psychotherapy researchers examine how technique and the therapeutic relationship are inseparably intertwined.

Using a variety of theoretical and research "lenses" and drawing on various models of psychotherapy, including psychodynamic therapy, cognitive–behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy, and brief family therapy, the contributors discuss the factors affecting client outcomes.

Engaging case studies bring these processes to life by demonstrating how successful therapists negotiate the relationship and make key moment-to-moment decisions.






echoes-trauma-relational-themes-emotions-in-children-holocaust-hadas-wiseman-hardcover-cover-artThis book discusses the echoes of the trauma that are traced in the relational narratives that the sons and daughters of Holocaust survivors tell about their experiences growing up in survivor families. An innovative combination of the Core Conflictual Relationship Theme (CCRT) method with narrative-qualitative analysis revealed common themes and emotional patterns that are played out in the survivors' children’s meaningful relationships, especially in those with their parents. The relational world of the second generation is understood in the context of an intergenerational communication style called "knowing-not knowing," in which there is a dialectical tension between knowing and not knowing the parental trauma. In the survivors' children’s current parent-adolescent relationships with their own children (survivors' grandchildren), they aspire to correct the child-parent dynamics that they had experienced by trying to openly negotiate conflicts and to maintain close bonds. Clinicians treating descendents of other massive trauma would benefit from the insights offered into these complex intergenerational psychological processes.

Cambridge University Press
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Hadas Wiseman, Jacques P. Barber


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