Diasporic-Philosophy-and-Counter-EducationDiasporic Philosophy and Counter-Education addresses the challenges inflicted by the celebrated "new progressivism". It confronts the current omnipotent progressive anti-humanistic fire and its triumphant anti-Western redemptive crusade at all levels and dimensions of life under the post-metaphysical sky. In this book Diasporic counter-education does not surrender to the celebrated temptations of new-age nomadism as an alternative to the postmodern pleasure-machine's promise. It attempts to reach beyond the total war against the Jewish spirit and its manifestation in Western oppressive identity. It refuses any version of the continuum, "radical" or "conservative" self-indulgence, as well as current nihilist-pragmatic quests for self-forgetfulness. Diasporic awakening is a potentially universal and enduring erotic art of a never-to-be-concluded-self-constitution and re-positioning. The aim of this book is for it to become part of a new beginning in the face of the new global culture of mega-speeds, the exile of the humanist killer of God, the deconstruction of pre-conditions for transcendence and the growing probability of bringing to an End of all life on earth. This book seeks to become a waking call for improvisational co-poiesis; a counter-education that will groom us to become more courageous in responding to the invitation of hope, making humankind richer in the realization of our response-ability to Love of Life.  

Ilan Gur-Ze'ev [Author/Editor]
Sense Publishers

The-Possibility-Impossibility-of-a-New-Critical-Language-in-EducationThe critique of Critical Pedagogy—in its current various trends and paths teaches me not only the shortcomings of various versions of Critical Pedagogy. No less important, it offers an invitation to a reflection on the limitations, costs, and open horizons of “critique” itself. It is an invitation to transcend “critique” as such. But what alternative do we have, and from where or with what ears might we listen to the music of the new call? What is it that awaits us outside the critical tradition that in an unproblematic manner we could use, internalize, or surrender ourselves to? Such questions reintroduce us to Utopia. They reintroduce us to the Utopia of the possibility of happiness of the kind that is neither made possible nor advocated by self-abandonment and enslavement/destruction of the otherness of the Other and the “I”. This book manifests a refusal to abandon Critical Theory’s telos; it offers no “solutions”, “victories of the oppressed”, and “emancipation”, neither does it promise “peace” and unproblematic “consensus”. On the contrary: all the eternal open, Diasporic individual can hope for is worthy Diasporic Love of Life, creativity, mature forms of togetherness, and eternal nomadism as a manifestation of co-poiesis.

Ilan Gur-Ze'ev [Author/Editor]
Sense Publishers

Education-in-the-Era-of-GlobalizationIn this book we try to address the challenge of global transformations to education in the broadest sense of the concept of education, by treating this challenge in various perspectives through different disciplines and topics within which the challenge of globalization is conceived as the most profound dynamic of this historical moment, a development that is realized in many diverse and different levels, fields and spaces of human and natural existence. The various texts in this collection, written by some of the most famous and interesting scholars in the field of philosophy of education and the sociology of education, try to address the richness and diversity of the challenge of globalization.

Ilan Gur-Ze'ev, Klas Roth [Eds.]

Sports-Values-and-PoliticsThe first critical reconstruction in the Hebrew language of the philosophy of sport, its historical and current realizations and the challenges of globalization and its culture industry to humanistic-oriented sport and physical education...

לפני הקורא מוצג ניסיון ראשון בשפה העברית לחשוף את היסודות הפוליטיים והפילוסופיים של הספורט. הספורט מתברר כאן לא רק כפעילות אנושית ייחודית, סוחפת ובעלת עוצמות כלכליות, תרבותיות ופוליטיות אדירות – הספורט מתברר גם כאתר של מאבק ערכי, מוקד של יחסי-כוח המפעילים עלינו מניפולציות יצרניות, מסנוורות, מעקרות וממשטרות, בשירות כוחות אדירים שכרגיל אנו מעוקרים מהפוטנציאל לתבוע אותם לדין וחשבון.

אילן גור - זאב, רוני לידור (עורכים)

Beyond-the-Modern-Postmodern-Struggle-in-Education-Toward-Counter-EducationThis book is an attempt to historically and conceptually address the present human condition and the current specific role of education as a distinctively creative symbolic violence. In doing so, the book reevaluates the various manifestations and conflicting alternatives to normalizing education.

Ilan Gur-Ze'ev

Dialectic-between-Homeland-discoverהדיאלקטיקה שבין המולדת לגלות - החינוך הישראלי והפדגוגיות של הגלות בעידן הפוסט-מודרני הוא ניסיון ראשון לממש בשפה הערבית את התיאוריה הביקורתית בהקשר הישראלי-פלסטיני, מתוך תשומת לב מיוחדת לפילוסופיה הדיאספורית. ה"מולדת" כמצב אקזיסטנציאלי, כאתגר פילוסופי וכערגה פוליטית מאותגרת כאן ומוצאת אלטרנטיבה של חינוך-שכנגד, המקבל את הגלות לא כעונש או כאסון נורא בלבד, אלא גם כשער לאנושיות חדשה וכייעוד. בפרקים השונים של הספר נפרשת, לראשונה בשפה הערבית, האלטרנטיבה הגלותית לפרויקט בניין האומה הפלסטינית והישראלית מתוך תשומת לב מיוחדת לתהליכי הגלובליזציה הקפיטליסטית ולשינויים התרבותיים שמשיט עלינו עולם המק'וורלד.

אילן גור - זאב

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