Fostering-Change-in-Institutions-Environments-and-PeopleFostering Change in Institutions, Environments, and People

This volume is comprised of contributions from leading scholars in education and psychology. In part one of the book the authors provide insight into the psychology of change, examining:  What factors work as catalysts for change in environments, institutions and people, What factors hinder change, When change is deemed beneficial. In the second part of this volume the authors turn their attention to the issue of peace education. They examine the types of problems that societies and scholars should identify and try to solve in hopes of building more peaceful environments. The final chapter is a biography honoring Professor Gavriel (Gabi) Salomon, a significant contributor to the vast literature on change. This book is appropriate reading for professors, students and academics who are dedicated to fostering change to benefit institutions, environments and people.

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Edited by David C. Berliner, Haggai Kupermintz