About the Department of Special Education

Special Education Population
The target population of special education is all those people who need special modes of teaching and adjustments to be able to fulfill their educational potential optimally. This serves as a basis for successfully integrating in society, in terms of the intellectual, emotional and social aspects. This population includes, among others, people with sensory impairments, developmental disabilities, emotional problems and behavioral problems, learning disabilities and communication disabilities.

What is Special Education
Special education is a field that deals with theoretical, empirical and therapeutic aspects of processes of learning, education and development among children with special needs. This area incorporates information regarding the development and implementation of intervention programs and prevention, diagnosis and treatment processes.

The Goals of the Department of Special Education
• Conducting applied research alongside intervention research aimed at creating a deeper understanding of the characteristics and needs of persons belonging to the target population of special education.
• Conceptualization of insights and knowledge as a basis for the development of unique programs and accessories for support in order to enhance learning and adaptation processes among special education students.
• Training of professionals working in special education, while imparting essential knowledge and key skills that will allow them to properly construct unique educational programs that are based upon scientific knowledge.

For the attainment of these goals, studies at the department include bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, a PhD degree and a teaching certificate.
Unique fields of the master’s degree include: the Division of Autism and Developmental Disabilities, the Division of Emotional Problems and Sensory Impairments, and expertise in early childhood.
Enjoy not only the view of the Carmel near the sea but also the personal attention given to students and exciting coursed of study in the new Special Education Department.