Disability-from-a-Humanistic-Perspective-Towards-a-Better-Quality-of-LifeDisability from a Humanistic Perspective: Towards a Better Quality of Life

The objective of this book is to advance awareness and sensitivity towards the special social and personal needs of people with all kinds of disabilities, of all ages, from infancy to adulthood. It proposes a theoretical background for understanding the situation of people with disabilities. It also introduces an innovative, practical work work method, i.e., the CIL which helps this population cope with the social and personal hardships it faces. This book is intended to serve as a tool for anyone engaged in promoting the welfare of people with diabilities. In summary: the book is based on theory and research, including the experience of practical application. It discusses the implications of the theory for universal practice and draws on real-work examples and practices to illustrate points.

Nova Publications
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Shunit Reiter