Developing-Students-Statistical-Reasoning-Connecting-Research-and-Teaching-PracticeDeveloping Students' Statistical Reasoning: Connecting Research and Teaching Practice

Increased attention is being paid to the need for statistically educated citizens: Statistics is now included in the K-12 mathematics curriculum, increasing numbers of students are taking courses in high school, and introductory statistics courses are required in college. However, increasing the amount of instruction is not sufficient to prepare statistically literate citizens. A major change is needed in how statistics is taught. To bring about this change, three dimensions of teacher knowledge need to be addressed: Their knowledge of statistical content, their pedagogical knowledge, and their statistical pedagogical knowledge, i.e., their specific knowledge about how to teach statistics. This book is written for mathematics and statistics education researchers and curriculum developers, statistics instructors at the tertiary level, mathematics teachers at the secondary level, mathematics and statistics education professionals. It summarizes the research and highlights the important concepts for teachers to emphasize, and shows the interrelationships among concepts. It makes specific suggestions regarding how to build classroom activities, integrate technological tools, and assess students’ learning.

Dani Ben-zvi; Joan B. Garfield

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