deutsch-Judische-Jugendliche-im-Zeitalter-der-JugendDeutsch-Jüdische Jugendliche im Zeitalter der Jugend

This groundbreaking collection of essays discusses from a variety of historical, philosophical, and cultural perspectives the appearance of the Jewish Youth Movements and youth organizations, within the context of the early twentieth century cultural atmosphere in central Europe. The essays, written by leading Israeli and German scholars in the field of modern German and German-Jewish history, cover a wide bend of phenomena such as the Jewish Youth in Salzburg and Prague, The Jewish Youth Movements 'Blau-Weiss' and 'Ha’shomer Hatz’air', the youth pioneers in Palestine, as well as the unique visual culture and radical philosophy of 'being Young' which characterized the Jewish youth – in an intense dialogue with the contemporaneous German model.

Yotam Hotam (Ed.)  V&R unipress